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TECHNICAL Co. For Manufacturing Agricultural Equipments LTD.

TECHNICAL is one of the oldest members of the Technical Group of Companies. It was established in 1989 and is the only company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia manufacturing Pesticide/Fertilizer Sprayer Machines, High Pressure Cleaning Machines Fog generator , Ultra low Volume (ULV) machines and Tipping Trailers used for day-to-day agricultural work.
TECHNICAL has a wide range of Sprayers, from small 100 liters wheelbarrow to big 3600 liters, 24 Meters Hydraulic Boom models. Besides these, in a shape of mounted or traid machines, TECHNICAL can custom-build any type of Spraying Machine to suit a clientís requirements. Various models of High Pressure Cleaning Machines built by TECHNICAL are mainly used in the service of washing heavy equipments and aircrafts.
The Fog generators and ULV machines are to be used for health care and applicable in Municipality Services, mosquito flies.
TECHNICAL has its own division for producing fiberglass containers for itís own use and the local market, and a foundry for making metal parts. In fiberglass, we can design and build any type of container to any given specification or model to facilitate a spraying system or any domestic requirement of a customer.
We build each machine to be rugged and reliable, using only the best durable components that have been subjected to rigorous tests in extreme weather conditions.
With a network of sales branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are able to offer you prompt professional after sales service.
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