TCMRS is a highly specialized private enterprise established in the year 1990 (1410) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an extension of the Technical Group activity which is dealing with trade and industry since the year 1950 (1370).This enterprise is mainly run by specialized individuals from various scientific and professional disciplines all related to the welfare and rehabilitation of the disabled and elderly.

The basic aim of the TCMRS is to actively participate, in collaboration with the interested parties, in ensuring that handicapped people in the Kingdom find the most advanced requirements for their rehabilitation readily available.  To achieve this end the TCMRS has defined four scopes for its activities; first the supply of all advanced rehabilitation equipment, instrumentation, devices and materials required for rehabilitation of the disabled and elderly; second, the establishment and operation of an advanced rehabilitation center; third, equipping, operating and/or maintaining rehabilitation centers and/or rehabilitation departments in hospitals for the Government agencies, the private sector, or benevolent societies that offer services required for rehabilitation of the disabled and elderly, or merely giving technical or consultative assistance to such concerned bodies, including the conduction  of studies they might need for improving or updating their services; fourth, the establishment of a national manufacturing base for the production of equipment and supplies for the rehabilitation of the disabled and elderly in the Kingdom, Gulf states and Arab countries.

Through the TCMRS, the following techniques, devices and equipment are now available in Saudi Arabia :

  • Specialized Seating Systems for the severely disabled and elderly.
  • Wheelchairs of all types, including power-driven wheelchairs.
  • Home Care Equipment, Devices and Materials for the disabled and elderly.
  • Car Adaptation with lifters for Disabled Persons to carry patients inside the van/car.
  • Standing and Walking Aids.
  • Lifters and Hoists for the disabled.
  • Decubitus Management Requirement.
  • Gait Analysis Systems.
  • Pressure Sensors for measuring the distribution of pressure on the buttocks and plantar surfaces.
  • Material needed for all rehabilitation purposes.
  • Fabrication and maintenance of equipment and supplies for rehabilitation of  the disabled and care for the elderly.